Mobility Equipment

Handicap Accessible 

Buying a mobility van or vehicle in the Chicago, IL area doesn't just mean you're buying a van. There are a lot of accessories and systems that need to work together to ensure that your Chicago, IL area loved one receives the best care and mobility options possible. The mobility team at Sherman Dodge works hard to help every Chicago, IL area customer in need of a mobility solution get the best answers and equipment available. Whether your van needs improved anchorage options or an enhanced ramp solution, our team will do what it takes to get your Chicago, IL area loved one the necessary mobility equipment.

Outfit Your Van With Mobility Equipment Today

The mobility team at Sherman Dodge is available to help every patient in the Chicago, IL area experience their dream of independent living with the proper mobility equipment. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a simple portable ramp or a full driving aid upfit. The team at Sherman Dodge is here to find the mobility equipment solutions that Chicago, IL drivers, patients and families require. Get started on your mobility equipment upfits by contacting our team through our website, by phone or visit our mobility dealership during operating hours to get additional information.

Hand Control and Driving Aid Mobility Equiptiment

Driving aids and hand controls are necessary for any Chicago, IL area driver without access to foot pedals. The mobility upfitting team at Sherman Dodge we try to match a wide range of hand control and driving aid mobility equipment  to Chicago, IL drivers in need of mobility equipment. 
Equipment includes:
  • Hand brake and throttle options
  • Pedal extensions
  • Handybars
  • Backup sensors and cameras
  • Electric parking brake
Lift, Platform, and Ramp Mobility Equipment

In addition to enhanced seating and driving aid mobility equipment, the mobility team at Sherman Dodge also offers several unique lift, platform and ramp options to the Chicago, IL area. Whether you're a Chicago, IL driver looking for a portable ramp or a custom lift kit, the mobility team at Sherman Dodge is here to help. Our team makes it their goal to get your loved one into their mobility van with the best equipment and most comfortable solution possible.
  • Portable ramps
  • Ramp extenders
  • Outside platform lifts
  • Inside lifts
  • Power lifts
Transfer and Jump Seat Mobility Equipment

Some Chicago, IL mobility patients require improved seat and transfer options to get in and out of their mobility van. The team at Sherman Dodge is uniquely supplied to add transfer and jump seat mobility equipment to mobility vehicles in the Chicago, IL area. Some mobility vehicles require additional seating options for caregivers or family members. The mobility team at Sherman Dodge is also capable of adding additional jump seats to your mobility vehicle such as:
  • Tall vehicle transfer seat
  • Van transfer seat
  • Turnout chairs
  • Valet chairs
  • Jump seats