Advantages Of Buying From Sherman

Mobility Uplifting in Chicago

Sherman Dodge has all the mobility upfitting for handicapped accessible vans that the Chicago area needs. Buying a van means you're not forced to use someone else set up and you're not stuck with an upfit that does'nt perfectly meet your needs. Rentals can come with restrictions that buying options simply don't have. Its much harder to customize or find the exact setup that your loved one needs.
Sherman Dodge is capable of assisting with any custom upfit on a handicapped accessible vehicle. From changing the location and amount of tie-downs to customizing a lift, Sherman Dodge has the expertise to make your mobility solution the exact way you and your loved one needs it

Add A Mobility Solution To Your Family

Sherman Dodge has new handicapped accessible vans on our lot and available for Chicago area families to test drive today. Give your loved one the safety and security of their own handicapped accessible van today. Reach out to us through our home page, by phone or bring the family by during business hours to get more information on handicapped accessible vans in Chicago today. Sherman Dodge is the destination for handicapped accessible vehicles in the Chicago area and were ready to help you and your loved one.
Mobility Servicing In Chicago

Rental agencies are not always the most reliable when it comes to servicing your handicapped accessible vehicle. The dedicated Dodge service center at Sherman Dodge has the ability to help service and maintain your handicapped accessible vehicle. Whether you need an oil change or hydraulic lift servicing, the service center at Sherman Dodge is available to help keep your Chicago area loved one mobile. Having a handicapped accessible vehicle serviced doesn't mean your loved one has to be a prisoner in his or her home. Sherman Dodge does its best to get your =handicapped accessible van back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Get Familiar With Your Own Handicapped Accessible Van In Chicago

Buying a van allows your family a chance to become familiar with your own van. Buying a Handicapped accessible van means your family isn't bouncing from rental to rental. Your family gets to be familiar with one van and one routine. It also allows your family to take ownership of the situation by allowing them to get comfortable with the same vehicle day in and day out.
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